Unparalleled Detailing & Valeting

“An excellent and professional set up with an end product to match”

Why Choose Doyen Voss?

At Doyen Voss we deliver an exceptional car valeting and detailing service for customers in Plymouth and the wider South-West region.

When we work on a car, we don’t just wash and polish it in a conveyor belt fashion. We treat it like an individual project and we detail it within an inch of its life.

Our guarantee is that whenever we work on your car, the paintwork won’t just be ‘as good as new’, it will often be better than that and it’s the reason why many dealerships bring even brand-new cars to us before they’re delivered.

Detailing & Valeting Services

We offer the following services:

  • Maintenance Wash
  • Half-day Protection Detail
  • Full-day Protection Detail
  • Enhancement Detail
  • Minor Paint Correction
  • Ceramic Detail
  • Interior Detail

To find out more, take a look at our services page.

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Our Passion

Ask us what we love at Doyen Voss and we’ll be honest. We love making sure that every car looks the best it can possibly be. That might be turning ordinary cars in to stunning head turners, bringing cars back to life or even making brand new cars, look that little bit better.

This is our passion at Doyen Voss and it’s one that we get to indulge in every day of the week with new cars, old cars, loved cars and cars that have been left. The common theme is that these cars always arrive in one state and leave as something entirely different.