Maintenance Wash

Our maintenance wash is aimed at the monthly client, looking at keeping their vehicle in top condition throughout the year.

It’s also a popular choice for one off cleans, because of the level of clean we are able to achieve.

Prices starting from £50-£80 1.5-2hrs

What's included?

  • Standard valet.
  • Detailed hoover, vents dusted with a detailing brush
  • Hoovered in between the seats and around the pedals etc.
  • Interior plastics wiped over with an all purpose cleaner to remove stains and marks etc.
  • Gloss trims wiped over and buffed up with an non silicone interior detailer to remove fingerprints leaving a high shine.
  • Glass cleaned and  buffed.
  • Blast of air freshener, neutralizing bad odours
  • Vehicle rinsed with a pressure washer inc wheels.
  • Wheels cleaned inside and out with non acidic wheel cleaner and various brushes.
  • Tyres scrubbed to remove dirt/old tyre dressing.
  • Wheel arches flushed and cleaned with various brushes to remove embedded dirt.
  • Body work pre washed with a citrus based solution, rinsed off with pressure washer.
  • Snow foam applied to remove remainder of dirt before any contact is used.
  • Body work washed with PH neutral shampoo and using a 2 bucket method and microfibre wash mitts to reduce dirt being reintroduced to paintwork. A second wash mitt being used for the lower parts of the vehicle.
  • Final rinse to the vehicle.
  • Body worked dried with soft plush microfibre drying towels.
  • Door shuts dried.
  • Wheels and tyres dried.
  • Tyres dressed with a durable dressing leaving a satin finish.

Protection Detail – Half Day

Our protection detail is aimed at the new to detailing client that is looking for something more than just a valet.

We go into a lot more detail in our protection service.

With the added protection to the paintwork this is a great service to prepare the vehicle for the winter months, or get a good base for our monthly maintenance package.

Prices start from £100 3-4hrs

What's included?

As Maintenance Wash above with the following additional:

  • Boot hoovered.
  • Trims dressed with a non silicone based interior detailer, leaving a factory fresh finish.

As Maintenance Wash above with the following additions:

  • Wheel arches dressed with a durable dressing to leave a factory fresh finish, adding protection to the plastics.
  • Door/ Boot shuts cleaned with an all purpose cleaner and various brushes.
  • Tyres scrubbed to remove dirt/old tyre dressing.
  • Paint work decontaminated inc Tar removal, industrial fallout removal.
  • Exhaust tips cleaned and polished with metal polish.
  • Exterior plastics dressed with a dedicated dressing.
  • Body work finished with 2 coats of liquid sealant leaving approx 3 months protection.
    (choices of protection available at additional cost) inc wax, sealant, or ceramic coating.

Protection Detail – Full Day

Our full day booking is aimed at the older tired looking vehicle that is in need of something more than just a standard clean.

This is a great service to bring back some life to tired paintwork.

With the glaze added, It will hide light damage inflicted to paint during bad washing and drying over the years.

Whilst also bringing the interior back to a like new standard and a great base for a maintenance package.

Prices starting from £200 for a Full Day

What's included?

As above with additional:

  • Interior deep cleaned, fabric seats wet vacuumed.Leather deep cleaned with soft brushes and a dedicated leather cleaner.
  • Plastics Scrubbed with an all purpose cleaner and various brushes, dressed with a non silicone based interior detailer.

As above with additional:

  • Engine bay cleaned with an all purpose cleaner and various brushes, blown dried and finished with a dedicated dressing.
  • A glaze is applied to the paint work, temporarily filling minor swirls and marring leaving a crisp clean finish.A paint sealant applied to give up to 6 months protection.
  • (Additional protection can be applied for additional cost.) inc ceramic.

Enhancement Detail

An enhancement detail is a light cleanse of the paint work.

Aimed at new cars or clients with the older cars just wanting a cost effective way to bring some life back in the paint work.

By machine polishing the paint work with a light compound we can remove around 50% of swirling (paint work dependant) inflicted from incorrect washing.

Adding clarity and sharpness increasing gloss and making the paint work pop.

Prices starting from £250 for 1-1.5 days

What's included?

  • Standard valet, inc glass cleaned air freshener added.
  • Vehicle fully safe washed
  • Tar removal
  • Fallout removal
  • Clay barred
  • Washed to remove any oils left from previous steps
  • Delicate areas tapped up protecting them from the polishing stage
  • Paint work then given a single stage machine polish with a mild compound and pad to reduce damage and instal gloss and clarity
  • Exterior plastics dressed with a dedicated dressing
  • Final wipe down with an IPA solution and a ceramic detailer to lock in results

Optional protection available for additional costs.

Minor Paint Correction

This service is aimed for the older vehicle with the years of neglect and the severe swirling and marring to the paint.

Bringing back the paint work to an almost new standard.

Prices starting from £350 for 1.5-2 days

What's included?

  • Standard valet, inc glass clean and air freshener.

As Enhancement Detail with the additional:

  • Paint work is given a harsh compounding to remove approx 70% paint defect.The paint is then given a second stage, which is a finishing stage. The paint is given a fine polish to remove the marring and slight damage caused from the harsh compounding stage.Exterior plastics dressed with a dedicated dressing.

Ceramic Detail

Our ceramic detail is the absolute best in protection options. With the protection lasting up to 3 years it is a great service for a new car.

With the coating also aiding in maintenance cleaning, making the water bead from the surface.

With the hydrophobic properties the dirt will be removed with the beads, in turn leaving the vehicle cleaner for longer.

What's included?

  • Standard valet, inc glass and air freshener.
  • Single stage enhancement polish to remove light damage and marring, Vehicle then coated with a ceramic coating and left to cure overnight.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is usually part of a lease return or a family car that has been neglected for a bit of a while.

This is where our time is spent bringing the inside back to a new like standard.

Pet hair removal and removal of sand from carpets etc can be a timely task.

Prices starting from £100 for 3-4 hours

What's included?

  • Interior hoovered inc crevices
  • Vents and switches brushed and dusted with various brushes.
  • Fabrics wet vacuumed inc carpets.
  • Plastics scrubbed with an all purpose cleaner and various brushes.
  • Leather Cleaned with a dedicated cleaner and brushes.
  • Windows Cleaned inside
  • Hoovered again to remove any debris caused from previous cleaning.
  • Trims dressed with a non silicone based interior detailer.
  • Odour neutralising air freshener added to clear out any bad smells.
  • Ceramic wheel coatings.  Prices from £100 (New wheels off the car)
  • Windows hydrophobic sealant applied prices from £60 (2 coats windscreen 1 coat side windows) lasting around 6 months.
  • Exterior plastics nano coated P.O.A.
  • Leather sealant.  prices from £60 (After leather Clean)
  • Fabric sealant.  Prices from £60 (After fabric Clean)
  • Convertible roof sealed prices from £100 Inc deep clean.