Don’t buy new, detail it instead

New cars are expensive. They’re hard to get hold of and even if you can get one, you end up having to wait ages to get it delivered. But there is a different, better way of achieving that ‘brand new car’ look and that’s to hold on to your existing car and let us, at Doyen Voss detail it for you.

When we work on a car at Doyen Voss, we don’t just wash and polish it in a conveyor belt fashion. We treat it like an individual project and we detail it within an inch of it’s life. Our guarantee is that whenever we work your car, the paintwork won’t just ‘as good as new’, it’s quite often better than that. 

It’s a little-known fact that many of the major car dealerships around Plymouth and the surrounding areas, bring us their new, factory finished cars to work on before they’re even delivered to the customer. They know that we can improve the quality of finish on even brand-new paintwork, removing even the smallest of imperfection, scratch or mark, creating the ultimate in paint work finish.   

It’s our opinion that if you want that new car finish in the current climate, then the most effective way of achieving that isn’t to go out a buy a new car, it’s to have your existing car detailed by us at Doyen Voss. 

If you really want to understand what we’re saying about paint work then here’s a little tip that people in the industry use. Clean your car in whatever way you normally do. Car wash, hand wash, even give it a polish if you like. Next, take out your phone and turn on that handy little torch and hold it up to the paintwork. What you’ll probably see is a series of small, tiny little scratches and marks and that’s what makes the car look dull, lacklustre and slightly unloved.

Hold that same torch up to car that we’ve just worked on and you’ll see the difference immediately. Perfect paintwork with an almost coloured glass like finish. That’s what makes the difference and that’s Doyen Voss.

So next time you’re thinking about splashing out on a new car, think seriously about spending some money on the one you already have. It will create more enjoyment for you as a driver, it will undoubtedly turn heads with its perfect paint work finish and it’s sure to increase the value of the vehicle. In fact, if you look at it this way, having your car detailed by Doyen Voss is an investment in your car, it’s never simply a cost. 

If you are interested in talking to us at Doyen Voss about bringing your car back to life by having it detailed, then please get in contact on (insert number) or failing that, have a read through on the rest of this website. 

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